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We understand that you have a choice when it comes to business brokers. But you only have one choice when it comes to quality representation of your business; of course, that being us. It’s a life altering decision to sell and you deserve a broker who will always be looking out for your best interests.

Deciding to sell your business is an emotional decision. Once you think about selling then it is time to make the move – assuming all decision makers are on board with this decision. Once you decide that you want to sell then make the move. Marv Levy, the NFL Hall of Fame Coach once said that “once a player thinks about retiring then he has already retired.” This statement by the former Buffalo Bills Head Coach and General Manager applies to business owners as well. Once you think about selling then you are already making an emotional move toward selling.

Our services are needed to protect the integrity of a business for sale transaction. Confidentiality is the KEY COMPONENT. We not only target and qualify new business buyers but we are also experts at taking the process from offer to close.

We are a trained professional experienced in the confidential sale of businesses for sale to qualified buyers. We represent and are compensated by the seller though some brokers do represent the buyer

We represent the seller from buyer qualification through to the closing. The business owner can run his or her business while we manage the entire sales process. But don’t take that as a negative because you are involved in every step of the process.

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Our unique philosophy is rooted in the fact that selling a business is a very emotional decision. From confidentiality to finding the right buyer, I understand the anxiety business owners wrestle with when considering selling. That’s where I come in and represent your interests. I will never hang you out to dry nor will I push you aside.

  • Our philosophy is all about developing a strong 1-on-1 relationship and team.
  • After all who knows more about your business than you?
  • We will work together on getting your business sold.

We are the expert at business seller representation from coaching you to targeting and finding qualified buyers.  We are the expert at the processes necessary to transition qualified buyers into your business. And ONCE AGAIN, you will be an integral part of the processes.

the next steps

The next step is to do the business market valuation. Here is what we need…

  1. Current year P&L
  2. Last year tax return
  3. Market value of equipment
  4. Inventory value at cost



It all starts with the fact that you should keep the business running as is and NEVER tell anyone that you are selling.  Any hint or leak that you are selling could be catastrophic to the business and the businesses’ future. Employees and customers are very good at noticing changes that may indicate a business is for sale. This will have a devastating result on the business.


Live Representation

We represent you and your business with a strategic process designed to uphold the highest ethical standards in the industry.

Virtual  Representation

Because of COVID, times have changed and we have changed with it. We can sell your business virtually.



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